Digital Transformation

How Digital Software Can Save Your Business Time and Money

Written by Matthew Collins

3 minutes read

If your business is still using a paper based process or filing system, you’re wasting valuable time and money. Integrating a custom built digital system into your business will save time and money on repetitive tasks and looking for that one document that is nowhere to be found. Here are some of the ways that software can streamline a process, saving your staff time and your business money. 

Paper to Paperless Office

First things first, filling out paper documents is repetitive and time consuming. It’s a task that no one enjoys. And if documents go missing your back to square one. Filling out documents and processing information on a digital system will solve these problems and create a more enjoyable experience for your staff. Information can be autofilled or selected from a drop down menu, saving time and increasing productivity in the workplace. Any information required can also be sourced from databases, documents or emails on your computer and copied and pasted to fill the appropriate fields, making the process even more effortless. Why waste your staffs time on repetitive tasks when technology can do it for you?

Although the initial price of a digital system could be costly, in the long term your business will save money on stationary and equipment used in a paper based office by going digital. This could also be appealing to people applying to work at your business as they know they will be working in an environmentally friendly office or workplace. Your staff will also save time destroying paper documents as digital files can simply be deleted. Storing your files digitally will also make it easier for your business to comply with GDPR data protection laws. Digital software will be password protected and will only be accessible to those who have permission. Whereas, documents with sensitive data stored in a filing cabinet or physically within your office will need to be stored securely under a lock, making it much easier for anyone to access important files or even your customers personal details. 


Do you ever wish you could ask your filing cabinet for the document your looking for and it would hand it to you? You can do this with a digital system. Using a search engine to find your documents and files will save time and allow your staff to complete tasks quicker or respond to customer enquiries sooner. Integrating a digital system into your business will help to speed up your entire internal process by removing one of the most time consuming tasks in your workplace. Searches can also be filtered by category using custom built software, making the process even easier and less time consuming. 

Cloud Based Systems 

Using a system that is custom built to fit your business needs will also streamline the way that your team works together. Files can be shared digitally using the software, in a way that is more interactive and appealing than a boring email. Files can be uploaded by your whole team to a cloud based system and be accessed anywhere by everyone, at any time. This will save time transferring or making copies of files for important meetings or presentations as the system can be accessed and logged into anywhere.    

Project Management and Teamwork 

Once a digital system has been put in place in your business, managing your team will have never been easier, you’ll wonder how you ever did it without. Tasks can be allocated digitally to members of staff that are working on a current project, making project management a walk in the park. Custom software will streamline the way you manage your team and the way your team work together on projects. Your staff progress can be tracked digitally by everyone working on the project, reducing interruptions and the amount of pointless meetings that ‘could have been sent in an email’, resulting in an overall more productive team and workplace. Using digital software for project management will also improve communication and understanding within your team as tasks are clearly planned out in black in white, reducing mistakes from any misunderstandings, saving your staff time and your business money.    

Your Customers

Integrating a digital system into your business process will also make your customers experience more enjoyable, saving them time and increasing the chance of them returning to your business. Customers can book appointments, place orders or make an enquiry easier than ever before using their mobile device. Custom software will make it easier to quickly find out the answers to your customer enquiries as all the information can be accessed or search for via the system. This will allow you to respond to your customers instantly, improving their experience. Don’t keep your customers waiting, save time with custom built software that is tailored to fit your businesses needs.     

If you want to save your business time and money using custom built software, contact us today to find out more and start your project.