Digital Transformation

Digital Systems for Happier Teams

Written by Matthew Collins

3 minutes read

We all have the experience of using a system in work that drives us mad. A system that is fraught with inefficiency, a bad user interface and poor user experience. 

We live and work in a digital age but for some reason, we are still using systems that were developed an eternity ago and that don’t utilise the basic benefits that technology offers us today. 

There is also another type of experience and that is the one where there is no system. A workplace where the paper ledger still rules the office, where notes, scribbled in pencil contain the secrets to all that a company holds true. 

Both of these can be hugely detrimental to your teams working lives and their general satisfaction when doing their job. 

Making the decision to enhance a system or replace a process with digital can feel overwhelming but we promise that it is not as complicated as you may think. 

We have a strong understanding, working with businesses the best way to take existing software or a process and transform it into a company changing, team enhancing tool.

A digital system is beneficial to your team for many reasons. It can decrease the amount of manual input that is required by automating the population of data, decreasing the amount of time entering and increasing the amount of work being done. 

It can also be used to allow for remote working or on the go productivity by connecting your information to the cloud. This gives your team the flexibility and knowledge that they can access and update data from wherever they are, on any device. 

Revamping your software can inject a new lease of life into your business by promoting a forward-thinking business practice that shows your staff that you are investing in the future of the business and the quality of their working experience. 

Your team, like you, enjoy working with software that helps them achieve their goals, removes barriers and speeds up what they can do in a day by removing manual tasks and streamlining their workflow. 

There are some simple steps you can take to start your journey of creating or enhancing the software in your business. 

The best way is to sit some of your team down and discuss the idea with them. They are on the front lines of your business and will be able to provide unparalleled insight into the areas that slow them down, frustrate and have the most room for improvement. 

Speak to your customers to find out if there are any parts of their experience that could be improved? Are they able to get access to the information that is important to them easily? Is there anything getting in the way that is stopping them from buying again?

Are there any enhancements to the experience that would have made their interaction better?

Speak with other businesses that do what you do. It is not always easy to ask someone in the same line of work as yourself how they are carrying out a process but if you know someone this can be a great advantage. Being able to draw on the best practice of other companies to enhance your own is a tried and tested way to better your own business.

Lastly, speak to us. We have a vast experience working with businesses to help them enhance and better their internal teams experience by developing great, user-friendly software. 

It doesn’t take much to get the ball rolling and make a huge impact on your teams by enhancing the very experience of their day-to-day. 

If you have any questions or are looking for one of our team members to consult on a new idea, get in touch and we will be happy to help.